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What Is the Best Type of Flooring for Kitchens?

Are you planning to remodel your kitchen? Have you ever asked yourself the question: what is the best type of flooring for kitchens? Read on to learn more!


Recent statistics reveal that 73% of Canadians have a history of carrying out renovation projects. Monthly, 21.6% of Canadians visit do-it-yourself and home improvement stores.

Canadians love their homes, and this includes their flooring for kitchens. A kitchen is where people gather to cook, eat, drink, and enjoy the company of a loved one over casual conversation, board games, and such.

Could your kitchen floor benefit from an upgrade? Before shopping, read our kitchen flooring guide to give you a better background and help you make the right choice.


Choose Kitchen Flooring

While there are many considerations for kitchen flooring, such as your lifestyle and sense of style, there are top recommendations that you will see for kitchens. Of all the kitchen flooring to choose from, here are popular choices for homeowners.


Hardwood flooring comes in multiple patterns and colours. It is also easy to update. It is not waterproof, though, and can be slippery.


Tile kitchen flooring is durable, waterproof, and comes in multiple patterns and colours. It can be slippery, though, and it requires some upkeep. You will probably want a professional installer for tile flooring.


This mimics a more expensive material, and it is waterproof. It is easy to install for someone who is not a professional. While it may look like a tile, it is not as sturdy as vinyl flooring can get scratches and dents.


A professional does not need to install it, and it looks a lot like more expensive material. Certain types of laminate flooring can be waterproof. A disadvantage is that it is not as durable compared to other floors.


Cork flooring is inexpensive, absorbs sound, and is easy to install yourself. However, it will fade in the sun, and appliances can leave indents.


Kitchen Flooring Tips

When looking at flooring for kitchens, you must consider the material, and its durability, based on your situation. Here are some considerations at a high level.

Do you have young kids? Is anyone in the home elderly? In these situations, you likely want nonslip floors.

Is it heavy traffic? If so, stone and tile are flooring for kitchens that are durable.

Do you expect items to drop on the floor? Ceramic is good for resisting scratches and dents.

Will muddy shoes or wet feet create a lot of traffic in the area? Here, if you like wood flooring, choose one that is prefinished to withstand traffic and water stains.


How Much Does Kitchen Flooring Cost?

It will depend on the type of kitchen flooring you choose. On the low end, a cork, bamboo, or ceramic floor could be as low as $653 to as high as $2,614. Terrazzo is on the highest end with a low of $5,228 to a high cost of $19,600.

Wood, concrete, slate, laminate, and marble flooring are "middle of the road" in terms of kitchen flooring cost. They can be as low as $1,900 to as high as $5,882. Slightly lower is the linoleum, vinyl, and stone floor with a price range of $1,307 to $3,921.


Visit Our Showroom for Kitchen Flooring

Since 1997, the professionals at Design Flooring Centre have been helping our neighbours in Calgary and Medicine Hat. While there are many types of flooring for kitchens, you want one that is right for you. The trusted flooring experts at Design Flooring Centre understand.

Contact Design Flooring Centre today to learn more about financing options, and check out our virtual showroom!



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