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Hardwood flooring is timeless and continues to be a popular choice across Canada. Though there are less expensive options that can be made to imitate its look, the beauty of natural hardwood is unparalleled. So, if you’re looking for the perfect solution to give your space a warm and sophisticated touch, you can trust Design Flooring Centre to help you with all your needs. We offer a large hardwood flooring collection to give your home or office the best style, durability, and functionality. We have served clients across the area with reliable and high-quality hardwood flooring and installation services for over 2 decades.


Whether you are looking for natural, solid hardwood, or engineered wood flooring, we offer it all at Design Flooring Centre. Get in touch with us or visit us at our store in Medicine Hat to discuss your requirements with our flooring experts!

Reduced Pricing on Select White Oak Flooring Products

Find the premium hardwood flooring that suits your tastes among wood species such as Red Oak, White Oak, Maple and many more. Whether you are looking for solid or engineered hardwood floors, which can be installed over concrete or below grade, you will find a wide range of colours, grades, widths, lengths and grain patterns to choose from, providing you with plenty of design possibilities.


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Benefits of Hardwood Flooring

Apart from looking elegant and stunning, hardwood flooring comes with a host of other benefits, such as:

Cozy and warm
Hardwood floors make the space warm and cozy and are perfect insulating floors for any room.
Hardwood floors are very easy to clean and therefore don’t require you to fret about their maintenance.
Adds value
A hardwood floor adds an opulent charm to any space, instantly making your project luxurious and valuable.
Versatile designs
Hardwood floors can be customized to match any décor or aesthetic. It is available in various colours and stains, which can complement a range of styles and colour schemes.
Timeless and stylish
Hardwood floors offer high durability and timeless quality and style, which means they’ll look great for many years. Your hardwood floors can last a lifetime with proper installation and regular maintenance.
Improve indoor air
The surface of hardwood flooring is smooth and easy to clean. This helps to maintain better indoor air quality and provides a healthier environment for you, your friends, family, clients, and colleagues.

Read our blog to learn about the various types of hardwood flooring available to you. Call us for more information and to speak with our team in Medicine Hat.


Our Hardwood Flooring

The options available are:

Solid prefinished hardwood
3/4" natural hardwood Canadian Manufactured with a superior factory finish.
Engineered hardwood
Multilayered plywood backing with a natural hardwood wear layer offering superior stability and a factory finish for a durable finish. Available in multi-sized plank options.
Unique brushed and extreme matte finishes
New brushed hardwood with extremely low gloss finishes allows for modern and durable applications over wood or concrete substrates.
We have several hardwood options that allow our flooring to go over wood or concrete substrates and heated floor systems. We provide nail-down, glue and floating installation applications.
Superior finishes
Prefinished hardwood finishes are applied in factory-controlled settings with the most durable, odourless, flawless finishes that cannot be duplicated with sand on-site applications.
Our hardwood is sourced from long-term suppliers that provide excellent quality control, warranty, and product availability. You can be assured that the product you choose in our showroom is suitable for our extremely dry climate.

Give your floor a sophisticated makeover with hardwood flooring. We invite you to explore our virtual showroom and get inspired for your next flooring project.

Why Choose Us for Hardwood Flooring?

At Design Flooring Centre, we are committed to providing all our customers across Medicine Hat with reliable flooring solutions and exceptional services at affordable prices. We are proud to offer a wide assortment of hardwood flooring in a range of colours, grains and tones. Our team has worked on residential and commercial projects and can suggest the ideal type of hardwood flooring for your needs.


The dedicated team is well-versed in our entire product range and also provides efficient installation and care services. We've got everything from hardwood to laminate, vinyl to carpets and more!



Financing Options

The beautiful new floor of your dreams awaits you! With Design Flooring Centre, you can get easy financing options to buy now and pay later in convenient installments. Learn more about your financing solutions.

High-quality Hardwood Flooring in Medicine Hat

Choose from a variety of colours, textures, and finishes to get the perfect floors for your home or office.

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Cost-Effective Options

Our laminate flooring solutions will give you hardwood vibes minus the heavy expense.

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