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Step into luxury with an exclusive carpeting collection. Explore our virtual showroom for premium choices.


Carpets have been a part of our living and work spaces for a long time. They add a touch of beauty, style, sophistication, and warmth to an area. At Design Flooring Centre, we offer a variety of carpets in different styles, colours, and textures for homes and commercial properties in and around Medicine Hat. Depending on your aesthetic and functional preferences, our carpeting experts will be happy to suggest a range of options for you to choose from. We can help guide you to the perfect carpet material for your needs and provide efficient installation and follow-up services. Contact us to learn how our carpeting solutions can update your space!

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We are proud to offer a wide range of high-quality and durable carpeting options.

Advantages of Carpeting Your Floors

We are confident we have the perfect carpet for any room in your home or office. Here are the key advantages that carpeted floors offer:

Improves indoor air quality

Floor carpeting retains airborne dust and allergy-causing particles in its fibres until its next vacuum cleaning. Carpet traps dust better than any other flooring, which improves indoor air quality.

Soundproof and noise-absorbing

Carpets absorb sound and thus help minimize noise transfer and improve room acoustics. The extent of soundproofing and insulation depends on the height and density of the carpet.

Provides safety and warmth

Carpeting and textile flooring are non-slippery and gentle on your feet and joints. The chances of injuries or breaking things are also less as carpets are soft and resilient.


Carpeting offers endless design possibilities. It is available in many different colours, patterns, textures, and designs, which can be combined to create a unique floor.

Provides insulation and reduces energy consumption

Carpets offer good insulation and great energy savings, especially in the cold Canadian winters. They are great for houses with floor heating as well.

Easy to clean and maintain

Carpets are usually durable and easy to install and maintain. Modular carpeting is cost-effective, resistant to stains and wear, and can withstand heavy traffic. It can be easily replaced if damaged or stained.

Comfortable and luxurious

Carpets provide a feeling of comfort and luxury. You can use a good quality underlay to improve its lifespan and maximize all the positive effects mentioned above.

Browse through our blog for information about the various flooring options. You are always welcome to contact us if you have any questions or to discuss your project with our experienced staff in Medicine Hat.


Why Choose Our Carpets?

Carpets add comfort, luxury, and warmth to a space. We have a vast selection of stain-resistant and durable carpets in plenty of patterns and design options at Design Flooring Centre. These can be the perfect addition to your home or commercial space. We are the top choice in the area because of the following reasons:

Tour our virtual showroom or visit us at our store in Medicine Hat to explore our selection of carpets at your convenience.

Carpet Financing

As you determine the right carpeting for each area of your property, take advantage of our financing options. Speak with us at Design Flooring Centre to learn more about our financing solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions regarding carpeting in Medicine Hat.

  • Can I Get Personalized Assistance in Choosing the Right Carpet for My Space?
    Absolutely! Whether you have specific design preferences, budget considerations, or need advice on durability, we tailor our recommendations to suit your unique requirements. We will help you choose the right carpet, whether for residential or commercial purposes.
  • Does Design Flooring Centre Carpet Installation Services?
    Yes, we offer professional carpet installation services in Medicine Hat. Our skilled installers ensure a seamless and efficient process, guaranteeing that your new carpet is perfectly installed.
  • What Measures Can I Take to Maintain and Care for My Carpet?
    Regular vacuuming and 18-month professional cleaning are essential to maximize your carpet’s lifespan. Our team can provide personalized care tips and recommend cleaning products suitable for your carpet type.
  • What Sets Design Flooring Centre Apart in the Medicine Hat Carpeting Market?
    Our commitment to quality, personalized service, and a vast selection of premium carpets distinguishes Design Flooring Centre. Visit us today and experience the finest carpeting in Medicine Hat. Renovate your living space with our expert guidance and diverse selection.

High-quality Carpeting in Medicine Hat

Add a touch of class to your space with a range of elegant carpeting and flooring solutions.

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