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How to Pick the Best Floor

Ugly floors—you notice them every time you walk into the room, and not in a good way. If this sounds like you, it's time to rip those old floors out and install new ones. 


And yet, with so many factors to consider, from budget to appearance, how can you decide what the best floor is for your home? Choosing the wrong flooring is an expensive mistake. 

Keep reading to find out how to pick the best floor and what factors you must consider before renovation time. 



The price of a new floor varies significantly depending on the material, square footage, and labour costs. You can find great bargains on laminate flooring, but you'll sacrifice durability. Hardwood floors cost more upfront, but they add character and can improve the value of your house. 


Prior to starting a new flooring project, calculate your budget. Measure the room and research the different types of flooring.


If you want carpet in the bedroom, for instance, you'll have to consider whether you want patterned carpet, Berber carpet, or wool carpet, to name a few. If the idea of beautiful hardwood floors appeals to you, decide between solid, engineered, or reclaimed.


Consider the Space

You wouldn't want to install hardwood floors in a high-humidity environment, such as a bathroom or kitchen. Similarly, you might not want tile in the bedroom unless you like cold feet in the morning. 


Consider the space where you want the new flooring installed. Will the material hold up, or will you constantly be performing maintenance?  A common mistake homeowners make is not considering the function of a room prior to installing floors. 



Of course, your personal style should play a part in your decision. You're the one living there, after all. 

If you don't plan on selling any time soon, you can get away with adding a little personality. That said, tried-and-true designs and colours will last you for years and transition through many different trend changes. 


Activity Level 

Consider the activity level when choosing flooring materials to ensure your floors can hold up. In high-traffic areas, it's best to choose materials designed to last. Carpet may not be the best choice in these areas as it tends to wear out after years of extensive use.


Tile is extremely durable and makes a good choice in many high-traffic areas or in rooms where moisture and spills are common such as kitchens, bathrooms, and laundry rooms. 



You want flooring that compliments your furniture and decor as well. If you have a lot of dark furniture, decor, and walls, installing dark flooring can make a room look small. 


Additionally, you want to consider scrapes and scratches as well. Hardwood floors look lovely in the dining room, but dining room chairs can easily scratch your flooring if you aren't careful. Be sure to select a floor that's durable in areas like these. 



Finally, the colour of your flooring has a significant impact on the feeling of a room. Lighter floors can make rooms appear bigger, while dark flooring has an elegant look. 


Some people love white floors, but it may not be the best choice for families with young children and pets. 


Visit Our Showroom in Medicine Hat

Be sure to consider these factors when considering the best floor for your home. If you do, you can enjoy your new flooring for years to come. Stop by our showroom to browse our collection of flooring options and speak with one of our design consultants. We’re here to help you choose the best floor for your home!


At Design Flooring Centre, we offer a variety of high-quality flooring options, such as luxury vinyl, hardwood, tile, and much more. We proudly serve customers in the Medicine Hat and Calgary areas. Contact us to discuss your flooring needs!



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