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Whether you want a durable floor for your bathroom or a unique floor for your entryway or kitchen, tiles are a versatile flooring option. We are recognized as having the largest local selection of tile and offer fully guaranteed, expert in house installation. 

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You Can’t Spell Versatile Without Tile

Tiles are indeed the most multi-purpose addition to our living or work spaces. From kitchens and bathrooms to entryways and living rooms, tiles accentuate the beauty of every floor. Let’s take a look at different characteristics of tiles that will expand your options:

A blast of colours
Colours can change the feel of your home and are a great way to express your personal style. Whether you are looking for neutral floors for a subtle and sophisticated vibe or bold colours to add some fun to your space, with tile, the sky's the limit.
So many shapes
Various tile shapes add style and individuality to different floors. From cute little hexagons to circular designs, there are a lot of exciting options to choose from. Glass, metal and natural stone can create unique accents.
Assortment of patterns
The pattern of your tile can be a representation of you and your ideas. From beautiful geometric shapes to stunning textures, there are endless patterns available to you to make your floor personalized and unique.
Add heat!
Consider the use of a heated floor system to create warmth on your floors. Our heating systems are affordable, efficient and have options for wifi control.

Virtual Showroom

Discover an endless assortment of options for your next project. Explore our virtual showroom now.

Worry-Free Financing

Get the purchasing power you need for that dream tile flooring project with fast, convenient, and transparent financing options at Design Flooring Centre. You can buy now and pay later through flexible financing that fits most budgets. Learn more about our buy now, pay later policy.

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Tiles for Walls

Why just improve your floor when you can transform the entire room with our custom wall tiles?

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