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Vinyl Flooring Trends: Why Vinyl Is Here to Stay

Few things in your home suffer as much daily abuse as your floors. That may help explain why new floors are a popular subject in home renovation articles year after year. At some point, everyone must pick new flooring materials as a matter of essential maintenance.


Yet, despite the many types of flooring available, vinyl flooring has become more popular in recent years. 

Just as important as its increased popularity are the reasons why vinyl is here to stay.



Weighing the costs of different materials is one of the first things that any responsible homeowner does when considering new floors. Marble tiles might sound great, but they can easily cost you more than a solid hardwood floor. 

While vinyl flooring isn't the cheapest option, it's comparatively affordable next to things like higher-end tile and hardwood. In fact, it's on the low-end cost-wise when compared with hardwood floors.


Easy to Install and Replace

Ease of installation is often on people's minds when they think about new flooring. Vinyl is easy to install, especially compared with other tiles that require a lot of specific know-how and tools.

Only some homeowners consider whether a particular flooring type will be easy to replace. Most flooring options are, unfortunately, difficult to replace and require a lot of manual labour. Vinyl flooring is often an exception. It's routinely installed as a floating floor, which means no glue or nails holding it down to the subfloor. That makes it an attractive option for both homeowners and home buyers.


A Multitude of Design Options

While vinyl flooring in the past wasn't particularly well-known for its design options, modern vinyl flooring comes in many design options and patterns.

For example, you can find vinyl flooring resembling many hardwood flooring types. You can also find vinyl flooring that offers patterns more traditionally seen on tiles.

This array of vinyl options makes it one of the best flooring options for matching your lifestyle and existing home decor choices. Those same options can also accommodate a wide range of budgets.


Vinyl Flooring and You

Modern vinyl flooring has advanced in leaps and bounds over the vinyl flooring of yesteryear. It's affordable compared to other popular and highly durable options, such as hardwood. It also offers the benefits of easy installation and future replacement.

The variety of designs makes it an excellent choice for homes because it can accommodate different decor choices. It's also great for businesses looking to change flooring without destroying operating budgets.

Design Flooring Centre offers vinyl and other flooring options in the Medicine Hat and Calgary areas. For more information, contact Design Flooring Centre.




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