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The use of tiles is not just limited to floors. You can use porcelain tiles to give life to the bland and boring walls of your house or business. Tiles come in various colours and patterns that give them the ability to add personality and character to your space. Whether you like a rustic vibe or contemporary style, there are tiles for every mood, person, and place. Go through our collection of porcelain tiles and choose the one that fits your personality. We will instantly get on the job to give your house the unique touch that you’ve been wanting for so long.

Wall Tile Samples

Tiles for Walls

You can easily transform your walls by adding tiles to them. From giving them a ‘wallpaper look’ to changing the vibe of the place from contemporary to vintage, the right kind of tiles can spice up your place and how. You can create feature walls with bold patterns behind your fireplace, bed, or TV or add a unique texture to your outdoor walls. With porcelain tiles, you have the freedom to experiment with your walls to your heart’s content.


Tiles for Bathroom

Bathroom tiles in the modern world are not just about durability and easy cleaning options, they also add character to your place. The current bathroom tile trend is all about experimenting with 3-D tiles or blending traditional and contemporary styles to create a unique bathroom. You can experiment with various textures, glass mosaics, or large-format tiles to add that modern spark to your bathroom.

Tiles are also used in showers or bathtubs because they are easy to clean and waterproof. Experiment with contrasting colours and patterns for your bathroom walls and floors to make it stand out.

Tiles for Kitchen

Our kitchens are prone to oil stains and splashes that can mess with the aesthetics of the house. But, with the use of tiles, cleaning the surface becomes excessively easy. Whether it’s for the backsplash or the walls, kitchen tiles are gaining popularity these days. The kitchen is always the centre of action in any house. With our state-of-the-art tile heating features, you can make the busy place all the cozier and more inviting. With various designs and colours to choose from, your kitchen can turn into a work of art.


Virtual Showroom

Unable to make it to our showroom in Medicine Hat? Connect with us virtually. Tour our virtual showroom now and discover an impressive selection of custom wall tile & backsplashes.

Finance It

Leverage fast and easy financing solutions for your custom wall tile & backsplash installation project with Design Flooring Centre. With competitive rates and convenient payment options, you can get the interiors you have always dreamed of.

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Add Beauty to Your Business

Make boring commercial spaces attractive and elegant with our commercial flooring options.

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