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3 Main Types of Hardwood Floors for Your Home

Updated: Oct 3, 2023

Brown colored hardwood floor

Hardwood floors are big business, largely because they're often included in equity-boosting home remodeling projects.


North America has a nearly $5 billion hardwood flooring market. These floors are favourites for homeowners because of their timelessness, style, and value.

You need to understand your options if you're considering changing your floors and replacing them with hardwood.

Keep reading to learn all about different types of hardwood floors so that you get the most out of your next home remodelling project. 


1.) European Oak

Hardwood flooring is great for kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, and other living spaces. It's also versatile in that there are several wood flooring options that you can choose from.

This flooring type has attributes you'll appreciate in any room in your home. European Oak flooring is characterized by its strength and density.

European Oak floors are rich in tannin, which also makes them resistant to mould and other types of fungus. These floors are solid and durable, making them one of the best wood flooring styles for homeowners seeking longevity.

European Oak comes in dark shades of brown and gray.


2.) Maple Gelato

Maple Gelato hardwood home flooring is an excellent option if you prioritize beauty. They feature a calm, earthy, natural colour with full wood grain and strong patterns. You can buy these floors in reddish-brown hues with lighter pigment than other floors.

These floors are also dense, allowing you to hold onto them for years to come.


3.) Red Oak

Red Oak is another excellent option when you want a nice mix of style and durability. These floors have a lot of character. They're easy to sand and finish, which will bring in the colour and style attributes.

Red Oak floors are resistant to stains and are easy to install and modify.


Shop Based on Lifestyle and Longevity

Installing floors is a project that takes plenty of planning and diligence. Start with doing your research and creating a budget. Homeowners in Canada spend around $15,000 on home renovation projects, on average. With this type of investment, ensure that you're replacing floors with the type that best fits your lifestyle. Consider the aesthetic of your home and the theme you're trying to create.

Buy flooring that will add equity to your home so you get a strong return on investment. Ask how long you can reasonably expect these floors to last, and make sure to add an insurance plan or maintenance package to protect them.

Browse our products and visit our virtual showroom in person to see what the best hardwood flooring companies have to offer. Take samples whenever possible, and work with a professional that can help you visualize what the finished product will look like in your home.


Quality Hardwood Flooring in Medicine Hat

Finding the best types of hardwood floors for your home will help you add quality and character to your living spaces. Now that you know the main hardwood floor options available, use this information to begin planning your next big home remodel project.

Design Flooring Centre can help you with your flooring needs. To request a free quote or for questions, get in touch online or call us at (403) 528-9200.



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