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The Best Way to Clean the Common Types of Floors

When it comes to cleaning the different types of floors in your home, there are several things you should remember. Luckily, our guide here has you covered.


You're 10 years old, you wake up, and it's Saturday. That means one thing: Saturday chores.

Maybe your job is to vacuum the carpeted floors and luckily, your mom has trained you on how to do so diligently.

Over the years, you grow confident in this task.

Now, all these years later, you have your own house to keep clean. The only issue?

No carpeted floors. So, how do you keep your floors clean?

When it comes to types of floors, there's no one-size-fits-all for how to clean them. Read on for the ultimate guide on how to clean each of the most common floor types!


Luxury Vinyl

Vinyl flooring is popular due to the many options that it provides you. With vinyl flooring, you can choose from many different designs and styles.

Another benefit of vinyl flooring is how absorbent it is when it comes to sound. Therefore, if you want to minimize the sound of your children running through the house or of your pets, vinyl is the way to go.

Cleaning vinyl is relatively easy, you can polish it with a mild cleaning solution. The important tip for vinyl is to avoid vinegar or vinegar-based products, as they can wear on your flooring over time.



Laminate flooring is an excellent option for those who are on a budget. These floors give the appearance of hardwood while actually being more affordable.

Clean this flooring with a non-abrasive solution or even a homemade solution of vinegar and water! Using a mop on this type of flooring will do just the trick!



Carpeted floors are the ultimate cozy-choice for floors that are warm and comfortable to walk on. Carpet is an excellent choice for bedrooms, or rooms in which you'll want the additional cushion.

However, carpet must be maintained well, as it can easily show stains, spills, and other blemishes.

To clean carpet, treat any stains with a stain remover. Vacuum regularly to remove any debris or dust. Then, on a rarer basis, use a carpet cleaning device such as one with steam vapor to deep clean.


Tile floors are luxurious and classic. Floor cleaning best practices will vary depending on the type of tile in your home.

Marble tiles are more porous, thus they should be cleaned with a dry mop and a non-abrasive solution. Always dry your marble tile directly after cleaning.

Porcelain tile can be handled similarly to tile, with the additional warning to avoid any cleaners with dyes.


Sleek hardwood floors are some of the easiest to clean, as you can take care of any dust with a broom. For rare deep cleaning, using a mild cleaner and water will do just fine!

Different Cleaners for Different Types of Floors

While you may not think about your floors often, you'll definitely notice them if they're stained and scratched.

Extend the lifespan of your beautiful floors by taking the extra step to clean them according to the type of flooring you have installed.

Considering the ease of cleaning in advance of choosing between types of floors is essential. If you're in the process of choosing your flooring and need a professional's help, check out the Design Flooring Centre in Alberta!




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