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Protection of floors and tile edges is one of the most necessary things to ensure the longevity of your flooring. When you opt for our professional installation services, you get the best of products and the most skilled people to ensure that your floors remain as good as new for many years. We provide protection to your floors with the help of Schluter® profiles that are available in a number of shapes, sizes, and colours so you have endless options to choose from. With high-quality products and our best men at work, you can rest assured of the long life-span of your floors.


Our Various Schluter® Profiles

We provide a vast variety of Schluter® applications. Some of them are:

Flooring profiles
Our Schluter® flooring profiles not only enhance the interior décor of your place by perfectly complimenting it but also offer an adequate assemblage of tiles. They protect your floor tiles against cracking and chipping and also facilitate a seamless transition. Most importantly, they are maintenance-free so you don’t have to worry about their routine care.
Wall profiles
Schluter® wall profiles safeguard the tile edges and also seamlessly conceal them. We also deal with additional accessories like end and corner caps to enhance the tile finishing and ensure clean edges.
Profiles for countertops
These profiles protect the edges of the countertop and also enhance the design. They are also highly beneficial in covering up any caulking and providing protection by bonding accent tile. These profiles also come in a range of colours and patterns so you can choose what goes with your décor.
Profiles for stairs

The Schluter®-Systems stair-nosing profiles protect the tiled stairs against cracking and also prevent any slip threats by increasing visibility. They can be used for creating beautiful decorative accents while also serving the purpose of concealing the subassembly.

Movement joints

These are used at wall transitions, door sills, and restraining structures to prevent damage to the system and facilitate assembly movement. They also prevent sound bridges and water penetration which eventually makes the system low-maintenance.

Cove-shaped profiles

These bases are best suited for floor to floor and wall to wall transitions. They also protect the surface against accumulation of any dirt. These are also suitable for inside wall corners, countertops, and backsplashes transitions. The Schluter® DILEX is clean and aesthetic and accommodates any tile line, whether or not trim pieces are available.

Resilient surface coverings (LVT)

As the name suggests, these are used as finishing edge profiles in vinyl floorings. VINPRO from Schluter® is designed for covering luxury vinyl floors, walls, and stairs. These coverings are also used over floor warming systems.

If you need high-quality and professional installation services, we are your perfect choice.

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